Datacenter Networking

Fast, secure and easy to manage.

Is your network fast, secure and easy to manage?  Is security and management more complex than originally envisioned?

Virtix IT can help streamline your business’s network, guaranteeing that it’s the reliable fabric that compliments the rest of your data center.

Key Points

  • The Network Layer

    A pillar of enterprise infrastructure. Modern software defined, policy driven infrastructure designs require a flexible software based network.

  • Network Intelligence

    The data is there, but how do you capture it? The cornerstone of an agile, effective network is rooted in your ability to utilize the data in your network.

  • Software Defined, Policy Driven

    Virtualization is not limited to the compute stack anymore. To create a flexible, secure and manageable network it is imperative to embrace software defined network technologies.

  • Automation

    Automation starts at the network layer. How long does it take you to provision new hardware? If you paused to think, you are probably not fully automated.