Top Class IT Services

Virtix IT is an experienced, talented and versatile technology solutions provider.

End User Computing

Arguably the three most important words in your network, end user computing is often an overlooked element of a production computing environment. At Virtix IT we have the tools, talent and experience to guide your organization down the path of strategic growth required to support modern business.

Software Defined Datacenter

Flexibility and Simplified Management at Your Fingertips. The days of rigid datacenter infrastructure are gone. Computing environments need to be fluid and capable of rapid change. To reach this new era of datacenter computing, IT organizations must implement technologies that are software defined.

Cloud Computing

Harness the Power of the Cloud. Today’s IT is about quick delivery, quality of service and mobility. The cloud is a simple concept, centralize applications and IT services. However, this simple concept is surrounded by many complex technologies. Virtix IT can simplify the implementation and integration of the cloud into your business, allowing the quick and high quality delivery of services that your business requires.

Datacenter Networking

Fast, secure and easy to manage. These are all adjectives that should be used to describe your data center network. However, most IT departments struggle with transformation and the end results are often mixed. Is your network fast, secure and easy to manage? Is security and management more complex than originally envisioned?