AWS Case Study

Connecting an autonomous robot to AWS cloud resources. 

Discovery Robotics was founded on the belief that robotics can make lives better for people. Their mission is to increase human productivity, safety, and quality of life by creating robotic solutions that deliver value to their customers. 

Business Challenge

Discovery Robotics recognized that utilizing a public cloud provider would be the best way to handle their business and technical goals in the fastest, most cost-effective, and scalable manner. Discovery Robotics engaged Virtix IT to assist in the cloud selection and enablement. 

Project Description

Virtix IT reviewed the capabilities of various public cloud providers with the Discovery Robotics team. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was selected due to the robustness and maturity of their IOT platform. A proof of concept project was launched to showcase the capabilities of the AWS platform. Virtix IT engineers worked with Discovery Robotics engineers to integrate AWS IOT services with the existing ROS software. Weekly updates were provided to track the progress of the project and provide demonstrations. 


The Virtix IT and Discovery Robotics team successfully completed the project and accomplished the following:

  • Fully scalable platform
  • Low initial and recurring costs
  • Process for continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Automated alerts

With the infrastructure and processes put in place during this project, Discovery Robotics could focus on their core product, the FX250 autonomous floor cleaning robot, knowing that AWS was capable to handle all their needs.

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