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Microsoft Virtual Window Desktop

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The Windows Virtual Desktop is an innovative desktop and app virtualization service that runs on Microsoft Azure. Because it runs completely on the cloud, it gives users access to their most important applications from any location and device.

Why Choose Microsoft Virtual Window Desktop

Since the start of the pandemic, most office employees have begun working from home. But before they could start, they needed a virtual solution for accessing their computers back at the office.

The Windows Virtual Desktop lets remote workers and any other employees who need to work away from the office virtually access their work desktop. Owners can also customize desktop access for different employees, assign different app groups, and more. Working away from the office has never been easier.

Microsoft Virtual Window Desktop Key Points

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Windows Virtual Desktops receive regular security updates for free. 

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Windows Virtual Desktops offer a flexible environment that allows you to reduce costs while providing the same high-quality resources to your users. 

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Windows Virtual Desktop can be downloaded for free with an existing Microsoft 365 or Windows per user license.

It's a Wrap

The pandemic has changed the way we work forever. No longer are we chained to our desks all day. With a virtual desktop, we can access our work from anywhere. The Windows Virtual Desktop is already leading the pack in these cloud-based DaaS solutions.

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