Data Backup

Data Backup

The city of Pittsburgh that was defined by its steel mills is a thing of the past. Today, Pittsburgh is a major hub for a variety of businesses, and all of them have one thing in common: they rely on data. Your company’s data is invaluable. If you experienced failure in any of your business-critical systems, would you be able to recover quickly? Or perhaps a better question: can you really afford to take that risk?

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Our disk-based backup solutions make protecting your data quick and hassle-free.

Whether your company is a startup or a generations-old business, you probably have quite a few devices to manage. Virtix can provide disk-based replication services, which are a fast, flexible, and cost-effective backup and recovery solution. With a disk-based recovery strategy, we will safeguard backups of all of your company’s devices in our secure data centers. Our disk-based backups deduplicate data, which means that previously stored data won’t be stored again, saving time and making it an excellent way to recover quickly from hardware failures and other small-scale incidents. This service is also available for server backups, but we suggest taking advantage of one of our more robust solutions to protect your data in the event of server failure.

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“When I say we are Driven to Deliver the Best Solutions, we mean it. We strive to qualify the right solutions based on customer needs, every time. We are proud of what we have done but are also constantly driven to innovate. This is our promise and our pledge to all of our current and prospective clients.”

Leon M. Robinson – President

Automatic backups ensure that your data is continuously archived, redundant, and ready to restore.

A lot happens at your business on any given day. Sales are made, contacts are updated, and files are changed. In order to protect those daily changes from being lost in the event of hardware or software failure, Virtix recommends implementing automatic daily backups. This service ensures that you always have an up-to-date version of your information to fall back on should the need arise.

Is Your Infrastructure Software Defined?

Focusing on a single technology without taking a look at the whole picture usually leads to an endless cycle of work.  The only way to break this cycle is to be strategic.

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Roberta Ericsson
Keep your most sensitive data secure with our data encryption services.

Not all data is created equal. Every business owner knows that some data is higher risk than others. In order to best protect your business’s sensitive information, Virtix offers encryption services during backup for all of your moderate to high risk information. We provide you with all of the tools you need to:
- Establish clear security policies that will help keep your data secure
- Centralize encryption key management on a single platform
- Automate a secure mechanism for rotating, replicating, and backing up your encryption keys
- Take advantage of cutting edge analytics and reporting to audit you business’s encryption strategy
- Maintain the flexibility necessary to secure any major relational database, from Oracle and Microsoft SQL to IBM DB2

With this added layer of protection, you will never have to worry about your data’s safety again.

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Software as a Service, Hybrid Cloud, Server-less Applications, Disaster Recovery as a Service… what's right for you?

Navigate the Sea of Choices.

What services or workloads should you migrate to the cloud? The options are seemingly endless.  Demystify your cloud confusion with Virtix IT’s assistance.

Public, Private, Hybrid and Automated.

Cloud computing isn’t a matter of “where”, you store and run your applications but rather, “how”.  Cloud computing is all about shifting where your IT personnel puts their focus and transitioning from rigid traditional infrastructure to a flexible, automated software focused computing paradigm.

Establish a culture that embraces change.

Break the, "can't" mentality that can plague many established businesses.   Virtix IT is your ally and we can help you evolve your business through a collaborative dialogue about what you can accomplish and how to get there.

Strategy is the Key.

It is very common to have projects or initiatives that are based on the newest wave in technology.  This makes future decision making more problematic and eventually leads to, “vendor lock”.  Our strategic approach provides our customers maximum flexibility and sets us apart from other cloud services vendors.

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