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Migration Evaluator / TSO Logic

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Migration Evaluator, formerly known as TSO Logic, plays a crucial role in helping companies navigate the Amazon Web Services migration process.

Why Migration Evaluator / TSO Logic

Migrating to Amazon Web Services is no mean feat. Migration Evaluator offers a team of program managers and solution architects that can identify migration patterns that best fit your business needs. 

The service works by analyzing your company’s compute footprint, operational costs, and other important metrics. By working with a Migration Evaluator, you can optimize your cloud planning strategy and effectively reduce costs.

Migration Evaluator / TSO Logic Key Points

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Migration Evaluator optimizes cloud planning by identifying appropriate license options for your big move.

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Business cases developed by Migration Evaluator can reduce costs by up to 50%.

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It's a Wrap

In order to ensure a smooth transition to AWS, your company needs to work with its Migration Evaluator.

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