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Qumulo is the leading file data platform built for the cloud running on industry standard technology and designed for advanced analytics and adaptability.

Why Qumulo?

Qumulo’s advanced API allows you to take greater control over usage, capacity, and performance. Qumolo’s scaling is without limits across both hardware and cloud based technologies. 

Qumulo Key Points

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A Qumulo license is fully transferable between on-prem and cloud-based platforms allowing an investment in its solution to continue performing no matter where the future takes you. 

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Qumulo’s distributed file system is designed to scale and store files of all sizes efficiently and securely.

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Qumolo’s detailed APIs give advanced visibility into individual users, usage trends, and performance.

It’s a Wrap

Qumulo is a truly modern and comprehensive hybrid storage solution that is a necessity for any company hoping to adapt to the ever shifting landscape of data storage.

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