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Tintri’s focus has always been on virtual computing, virtual machines (VMs), and containers. Tintri is also responsible for the VMstore, a storage system and software designed to simplify data center and cloud environment management for on-premise solutions.

Why Tintri by DDN

DataDirect Network showcased its strategic focus on this cause with its 2018 acquisition of Tintri, a company specializing in developing intelligent storage solutions for virtualized and cloud environments. Now operating under the DDN brand, Tintri continues to deliver intelligent, scalable, and efficient storage platforms catering to virtual workloads. These solutions aim to streamline storage management, improve performance, and optimize resource utilization in virtualized and cloud environments.

By combining DDN’s extensive experience in high-performance storage with Tintri’s specialized knowledge in virtualization and cloud storage, Tintri by DDN offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the needs of enterprises. These products address the evolving requirements of data-intensive workloads, from all-flash to hybrid storage arrays and other software-defined storage solutions.

Tintri by DDN Products

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  • IntelliFlash H-Series
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Simple Storage Solutions (S3)

Instead of creating and maintaining your own servers at high cost to your business, consider Amazon Simple Storage Solutions (S3). Amazon S3 works at an object level. It is scalable to store any amount of data, and it is accessible anytime on demand. With strong access controls, cost-effective storage options, and industry-leading data availability and storage, Amazon S3 can work for any size of business.

There are several storage classes within Amazon S3, all offering excellent durability and security for your data. For general purpose storage, S3 Standard and S3 Intelligent-Tiering offer low cost, low latency storage. If you access your data less frequently but still require rapid access, S3 Standard-IA or S3 One Zone-IA offers high availability storage at low costs. AWS also offers storage for archived data based on the required availability: S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval, or S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

Elastic File System (EFS)

AWS offers serverless storage through the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), allowing you to build and configure your shared file systems quickly and easily. Amazon EFS is optimized to handle the majority of applications and features high availability and extreme durability for your data. With scalable, agile storage that grows and shrinks with your needs, Amazon EFS reduces costs by ensuring that you only pay for what you use. In addition, Amazon EFS will automatically move your rarely-accessed files to lower cost storage. Amazon EFS is your solution if you need to quickly and easily share data with no management required.


Amazon FSx is a fully Windows-compatible storage system with high availability, default backups for all files, and automatically updated hardware patches and provisioning. If you rely on a Windows-based file server that is reaching capacity or is nearing end-of-life, Amazon FSx may be the solution for you. Amazon FSx offers low latency, guaranteed performance, and industry-leading security for your business files.

In addition to working seamlessly with Windows File Server, Amazon FSx offers storage for NetApp ONTAP, Open ZFS, and Lustre. Simply choose the system you already use and your data can be transferred seamlessly to your new cloud-based file system. With Amazon FSx, you only pay for what you use, eliminating the need to invest thousands in on-site storage in favor of pay-per-use storage with Amazon FSx.

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) low latency, high performance block storage for use with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. Amazon EBS supports SSD-based or HDD-based volume types and includes encryption for your data, both in-flight and at rest. As always, Amazon EBS is a cost-effective, scalable, and easy to use. Amazon EBS supports service levels that specialize in everything from highly available, low latency block storage to very low cost, durable storage for archived data blocks.

Amazon File Cache

Amazon File Cache offers a unified view of your files, regardless of storage location. You can link physical servers, Amazon FSx, Amazon S3, or other cloud datasets within the Amazon File Cache. This low-latency cache makes it easier to process your file data by presenting a cohesive look at everything you have linked to the Amazon File Cache.

IntelliFlash N-Series

The IntelliFlash N-Series is a family of all-flash systems that deliver high performance, scalability, and data management services for mixed workloads, such as databases, virtualization, analytics, and cloud applications. This product implements the NVMe technology to eliminate interface bottlenecks and accelerate data access.

The N-Series supports multiprotocol access for block, file, and object storage, as well as virtual machines on a single system. Organizations using the IntelliFlash N-Series can also explore its data reduction technologies, near-instant backups, robust disaster protections, and powerful analytics software for faster insights.

IntelliFlash H-Series

The IntelliFlash H-Series is a family of hybrid flash systems that combine the performance of NVMe with the economics of HDDs for a full-service intelligent storage infrastructure. Tintri built this product to support both virtualized and non-virtualized SAN and NAS workloads, such as enterprise file shares, AI, analytics, and HPC.

The H-Series uses NVMe flash to improve performance with an optimized flash-to-disk ratio and enables multi-petabyte scalability with high-capacity expansion shelves. Aside from these differences, other aspects of this product are similar to the N-Series, from its multiprotocol access to several other data management services.

VMstore T7000

The VMstore T7000 is the first NVMe-based VMstore system that leverages DDN technology to provide fast and efficient storage for virtualized environments and databases. This system also incorporates deep integration, analytics, and automation capabilities. By combining technologies from both companies, DDN and Tintri were able to make the T7000 30% faster in performance than the previous generation VMstore systems.

According to the Tintri website, the T7000 provides the scalability, availability, and security expected from a high-level system utilized by multiple Fortune 100 companies. This system also facilitates autonomous operation and workload intelligence, eliminating manual tasks, optimizing resources, and offering valuable capacity and performance planning insights.


The EXA5 is a scale-out NAS solution that provides exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability for AI, analytics, and HPC workloads. This product leverages Luster, a parallel file system, to access data rapidly and seamlessly move across numerous nodes and storage devices. It also provides organizations with advanced functionalities like tiering, snapshots, encryption, and replication.

The EXA5 also incorporates data management and reduction capabilities that optimize storage efficiency and data integrity, such as Stratagem, Hot Pools, and client-side compression. Furthermore, the EXA5 supports multi-cloud deployment options and integrates with several APIs and tools for increased flexibility and automation.

Optimizing Data Infrastructure Today

As the need to manage and extract value from rapidly growing volumes of data increases, expanding presence in the storage market has become a strategic imperative for data companies. In this context, Tintri by DDN has emerged as a leading player, addressing the evolving needs of enterprises with its innovative portfolio of storage products. Focusing on VM awareness, performance optimization, and seamless integration with cloud environments, Tintri by DDN offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that empower organizations to optimize their data infrastructure fully.

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