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Tintri by DDN

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Tintri by DDN is a leading provider of VM-integrated storage systems. Thanks to its AI-enabled intelligent infrastructure, Tintri has helped customers save millions of hours on managing their massive enterprise data centers.

Why Tintri by DDN

As a business owner, you need a simple and scalable data management solution. Tintri by DDN consistently meets and exceeds these rigorous requirements. Not only will Tintri by DDN’s intelligent infrastructure save you up to 95% of your time, but it will also maximize the value of your precious data.

Tintri by DDN Key Points

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In just several minutes a week, you can manage your multi-petabyte footprint and analyze real-time behavior of all your apps.

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Instead of waiting for IT to handle it, you can manage your own DevOps footprint with Tintri. In just minutes, Tintri can automatically update hundreds of apps.

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Security is one of the most important aspects of any storage solution you find. Tintri protects your data by regularly backing up or replicating it to Tintri systems.

It’s a Wrap

If you want to enjoy the ultimate user experience in efficiency, simplicity, and cost-savings, then Tintri by DDN is the way to go.

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