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Amazon WorkSpaces

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Amazon WorkSpaces is an innovative platform that lets users access their virtual desktops from any web browser or device in the world. Organizations no longer need to purchase extra hardware or install complicated software to give their employees remote access to their desktops.

Why Amazon WorkSpaces

With Amazon WorkSpaces, companies can offer a secure, cloud-based virtual desktop experience for their end-users. Unlike traditional desktops and other costly on-premises solutions, Amazon WorkSpaces saves customers significant time and energy. So not only do your users enjoy a much better and faster experience, but you also get to cut costs and reinvest your energy elsewhere.

Amazon WorkSpaces View Key Points

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Amazon WorkSpaces is a completely secure cloud-based desktop service that meets numerous compliance and security requirements, including HIPAA and PCI. 

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On-site computer hardware is costly and time-consuming. Amazon WorkSpaces offers a cost-effective solution for companies looking to operate on the cloud. 

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Users can access Amazon WorkSpaces from Windows and Mac computers and tablets. Their experience will be tailored according to the device they access Amazon WorkSpaces on.

It's a Wrap

Say goodbye to the days of expensive and time-consuming hardware. With Amazon Workspaces, your employees can access their desktops from anywhere.

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