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Idaptive is the industry’s only modern identity management platform specifically designed using a security-first approach.

Why Idaptive

Thousands of companies rely on Idaptive for its user-friendly access solutions. Idaptive’s multi-factor authentication, modern single sign-on, and mobile security services are at the top of the industry. Customers can also look forward to significant cost and time savings after they implement the application. Since the company was acquired by CyberArk, it has continued to roll out innovative access and security solutions.

Idaptive Key Points

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Idaptive’s lifecycle management solution allows companies to streamline all of their account management needs and issues.

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Idaptive offers preventative security controls across all endpoints.

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It’s a Wrap

Idaptive offers a secure, user-friendly interface for businesses. It will continue to serve as a leading identity management solution for years to come.

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