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IBM and SoftLayer

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SoftLayer®, which recently integrated with IBM Cloud™ offers everything you could possibly need from a large-scale cloud computing system.

Why IBM Softlayer

Since its recent integration with SoftLayer, IBM Cloud now offers all of the prime features of SoftLayer that transformed it into a leading public cloud platform for businesses. 

Customers can now take advantage of IBM Cloud’s high powered system and automation services to get ahead and stay ahead of their competitors.

IBM Softlayer Key Points

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Customers enjoy a guaranteed 2.0 GHz or faster core along with one-on-one virtual-to-physical resources and no over-subscriptions.

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IBM Cloud offers complete resource customization so that users can adjust their virtual servers at the most granular level.

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Looking for speed and reliability? Your data can travel over 2,600 Gbps on the IBM Cloud.

It’s a Wrap

IBM Cloud is an emerging leader in the cloud computing space that is far surpassing competitors in its lucrative service offerings. Companies are already leveraging IBM Cloud to propel them ahead of the pack. Are you ready to join them?

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