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Pure as-a-Service

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Pure as-a-Service is an affordable, flexible, and easy to use hybrid storage solution that unifies both On-Premise and Cloud-Based services. Included with a Pure as-a-Service subscription are Purity Software, Pure1 Management, and related Flash Array and FlashBlade systems which are also offered as separate Pure products.

Why Pure?

Unlike competitors that may ask for expensive long-term commitments, Pure is “easy to get in, and easy to get out.” Pure as-a-Service is built for cloud agility by requiring only a single year commitment and delivers only the capacity you need. Pure is perfect for any company looking for a reliable storage solution that won’t break the bank.

Pros of Pure

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subscription flows seamlessly between both on-premise and cloud storage.

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Pure Storage offers assistance with installation, migration, as well as predictive update support, fleet management, and detailed performance and VM analytics.

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Pay as you use, no more expenses for unused capacity. Usage is based on either effective capacity, VM instance counts or performance requirements on the first day.

It’s a Wrap

Pure’s advanced agility between Cloud and On-Premise storage gives companies all the tools they need in a single affordable storage solution. Pure Storage’s wide range of services make it as easy as possible.

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