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Businesses implementing a hybrid multi-cloud strategy use several cloud providers and deployment models, including private, public, and on-premises, to meet specific organizational needs. However, managing IT infrastructures across these cloud providers and deployment models has remained a well-known limitation of the hybrid multi-cloud strategy.

Nutanix has become a leading brand in the field of HCI solutions due to its product’s simplicity, scalability, and ability to optimize IT resources effectively. These products are helpful to businesses of all sizes across various industries. Nutanix’s role in driving the adoption of HCI technologies is also significant, mainly through its flagship product, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

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Why Nutanix?

Nutanix’s flagship product remains its Cloud Platform, an enterprise cloud infrastructure solution that combines the benefits of HCI solutions and hybrid cloud management. Through the Cloud Platform, Nutanix provides organizations with a unified environment for managing applications across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers, offering them an easy and flexible hybrid cloud experience.

Aside from its core hyper-converged infrastructure, Nutanix Cloud Platform also features a software-defined storage, virtualization, prism management interface, hybrid cloud management, cloud mobility, Xi cloud services, and built-in data protection. These features allow organizations to build a flexible, scalable, hybrid cloud infrastructure that suits their unique requirements.

Nutanix Key Points

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Simple Storage Solutions (S3)

Instead of creating and maintaining your own servers at high cost to your business, consider Amazon Simple Storage Solutions (S3). Amazon S3 works at an object level. It is scalable to store any amount of data, and it is accessible anytime on demand. With strong access controls, cost-effective storage options, and industry-leading data availability and storage, Amazon S3 can work for any size of business.

There are several storage classes within Amazon S3, all offering excellent durability and security for your data. For general purpose storage, S3 Standard and S3 Intelligent-Tiering offer low cost, low latency storage. If you access your data less frequently but still require rapid access, S3 Standard-IA or S3 One Zone-IA offers high availability storage at low costs. AWS also offers storage for archived data based on the required availability: S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval, or S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

Elastic File System (EFS)

AWS offers serverless storage through the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), allowing you to build and configure your shared file systems quickly and easily. Amazon EFS is optimized to handle the majority of applications and features high availability and extreme durability for your data. With scalable, agile storage that grows and shrinks with your needs, Amazon EFS reduces costs by ensuring that you only pay for what you use. In addition, Amazon EFS will automatically move your rarely-accessed files to lower cost storage. Amazon EFS is your solution if you need to quickly and easily share data with no management required.


Amazon FSx is a fully Windows-compatible storage system with high availability, default backups for all files, and automatically updated hardware patches and provisioning. If you rely on a Windows-based file server that is reaching capacity or is nearing end-of-life, Amazon FSx may be the solution for you. Amazon FSx offers low latency, guaranteed performance, and industry-leading security for your business files.

In addition to working seamlessly with Windows File Server, Amazon FSx offers storage for NetApp ONTAP, Open ZFS, and Lustre. Simply choose the system you already use and your data can be transferred seamlessly to your new cloud-based file system. With Amazon FSx, you only pay for what you use, eliminating the need to invest thousands in on-site storage in favor of pay-per-use storage with Amazon FSx.

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) low latency, high performance block storage for use with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. Amazon EBS supports SSD-based or HDD-based volume types and includes encryption for your data, both in-flight and at rest. As always, Amazon EBS is a cost-effective, scalable, and easy to use. Amazon EBS supports service levels that specialize in everything from highly available, low latency block storage to very low cost, durable storage for archived data blocks.

Amazon File Cache

Amazon File Cache offers a unified view of your files, regardless of storage location. You can link physical servers, Amazon FSx, Amazon S3, or other cloud datasets within the Amazon File Cache. This low-latency cache makes it easier to process your file data by presenting a cohesive look at everything you have linked to the Amazon File Cache.

Nutanix Files

This product is a software-defined scale-out file storage solution that helps to simplify an organization’s data management process. It simplifies data management by providing a scalable option for storing unstructured data, such as documents, videos, and images.

Nutanix Objects

This product is similar to Nutanix Files regarding data management; however, it is an object storage solution. Nutanix Objects provides advanced features such as erasure coding, versioning, and replication to ensure data durability and availability. It also integrates with Nutanix Files for users needing a unified file and object storage solution.

Nutanix Volumes

This software-defined block storage solution provides a scalable and cost-effective way to store databases, virtual machine disks, and similar structured data. Nutanix Volumes can work with any hypervisor or cloud platform and be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Some advanced features of this product include data deduplication, snapshots, and replication.

Nutanix Clusters

This hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure solution allows users to run applications and workloads across cloud platforms and on-premises infrastructure, providing seamless application and data mobility. Nutanix Clusters is ideal for business continuity with its disaster recovery, data protection, and security functionalities.

Nutanix Karbon

Karbon is a Kubernetes-based container orchestration platform that helps streamline containerized applications' deployment and management. With Nutanix Karbon, organizations can securely run their containerized applications across different cloud and on-premises infrastructures. This product also integrates with other Nutanix solutions to create a unified and comprehensive platform.

Why Use Nutanix

Nutanix is an industry leader in the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) space. Founded in 2009, Nutanix offers businesses a software-defined data center technology that helps to consolidate their IT infrastructure and simplify data center management.

Freedom of choice is a crucial reason why Nutanix is successful. Nutanix allows you to choose your clouds, apps, and technology. Businesses can explore their full hypervisor flexibility and invest responsibly, knowing they have full control over various business elements. It’s high value in uncertain times.

The Nutanix Cloud Platform unifies management tools and provides organizations with the ability to manage their data centers, cloud, and edge as a single entity from one platform, with support from several Kubernetes solutions. Nutanix Cloud Platform is a secure platform capable of supporting all kinds of workloads across public and private clouds, multiple hypervisors, and containers.

Nutanix combines public cloud simplicity and agility with the performance and security of private cloud infrastructure. This combination results in cost-effective business continuity through unified management, one-click operations, and AI-driven automation, whether on-premises or hybrid. With Nuanix, businesses can explore simple, straightforward hybrid multi-cloud operations.

Since its inception in 2009, Nutanix has offered its services to over 23,000 leading companies, including some of the world’s most consequential businesses. Its global support with a proven 8-year average 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS) makes Nutanix a popular business choice.

Release Your Hybrid Cloud Potential with Nutanix 

Hybrid Cloud operation has become necessary for many organizations due to its numerous benefits and the increasing complexity of modern IT environments. From enhancing scalability to addressing redundancy, improving innovation, and cost optimization, Nutanix’s hybrid cloud and data management solutions offer a focused approach by leveraging the best public and private cloud environments.

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