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Cloud Adoption Framework

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A cloud adoption framework functions as a blueprint for a company’s cloud adoption journey. Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and other popular cloud providers offer their own cloud adoption frameworks for users.


The cloud migration process can be long and complex. Without any guidance or expert help, you can quickly find yourself becoming overwhelmed and overextended by it. That’s why most cloud platforms offer their own adoption frameworks to help new customers out. These frameworks help customers identify cloud adoption objectives and activities that will help launch their journey toward the cloud.

Cloud Adoption Framework Key Points

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Following a cloud adoption framework can typically help you save money on the move.

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You don’t have to manage the migration process alone. Cloud adoption frameworks are here to help you.

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No longer are companies deciding whether or not they should migrate to the cloud. Instead, they are asking themselves when and how they will make the transition. Cloud adoption frameworks make this complicated process easier for them.

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