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VMware Horizon View

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VMware Horizon is a virtual desktop infrastructure that rivals cutting-edge virtual desk spaces offered by the biggest players in the game.

Why VMware Horizon View

By taking a regular desktop workstation and storing it onto a central server as a virtual machine, VMware Horizon View lets users access their desktops from anywhere using a thin client. These low-cost devices are small, but powerful tools for sending data back and forth. As virtual desktops continue to grow in popularity, it’s crucial for companies to keep up with this demand for virtualization.

VMware Horizon View Key Points

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Existing VMware customers can leverage the Horizon View for their business needs.

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VMWare Horizon View continues to improve and innovate its virtualization solutions for customers.

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It’s a Wrap

How secure is your virtual desktop platform? VMWare Horizon View offers a secure and efficient virtual desktop experience for thousands of companies around the country.

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