Organization plays a key role in just about every component of your business strategy, and that includes your company’s tech strategy. Much like the containers you may use to organize your home or office, Virtix can get your business started with docker containers that can isolate software from its surroundings, keeping the interactions between different software running on the same infrastructure from getting messy.

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Docker containers are the lightweight tool your business has been waiting for.

Any business owner in Pittsburgh will knows that it takes a lot to run a company. You don’t have time to mess around with software that is complicated to integrate or comes with too much configuration overhead. Docker containers are a lightweight solution to your company’s software organization and isolation needs. They run on an individual machine and use its operating system kernel to function, which allows you to get started with docker containers without any hassle. Docker containers also take a minimal impact on the machine’s resources because they:
- Use less compute and RAM because they share resources with the OS kernel
- Images constructed from your filesystem minimize disk usage by sharing common files
- Minimal disk usage improves speed of container image downloads

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“When I say we are Driven to Deliver the Best Solutions, we mean it. We strive to qualify the right solutions based on customer needs, every time. We are proud of what we have done but are also constantly driven to innovate. This is our promise and our pledge to all of our current and prospective clients.”

Leon M. Robinson – President

Take advantage of docker containers from any platform.

Businesses have become increasingly flexible to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace. Virtix believes that your IT solutions should be just as flexible as the rest of your business, and docker containers are a simple and cost-effective way to make that happen. Docker containers are based on open standards, which means that they can integrate easily with whatever platform you’re running. Virtix can run docker containers on:
- All major Linux distributions
- Microsoft Windows
- Any infrastructure
     - Virtual Machines
     - Bare metal
     - Cloud

Is Your Infrastructure Software Defined?

Focusing on a single technology without taking a look at the whole picture usually leads to an endless cycle of work.  The only way to break this cycle is to be strategic.

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Roberta Ericsson
Containers and virtual machines are an unstoppable duo.

Your company’s security is one of our biggest concerns here at Virtix. One strategy we recommend to all of our clients to help them secure their data is to manage user and program permissions carefully. Docker containers assist in this goal by making it easy to isolate applications, separating them both from your other applications and from your company’s underlying infrastructure. This keeps application issues and security risks under control by limiting their reach to a single container rather than the entire system.

Some combinations just make sense-- Pittsburgh and innovation, your business and success, containers and virtual machines. Containers and virtual machines are similar in many ways-- both of them offer a solution to the problem of resource isolation and allocation. However, containers and virtual machines have very different reaches. Virual Machines are more robust, including a full copy of an operating system, an app or apps, binaries, and libraries. Containers are more lightweight and versatile. By taking advantage of both containers and virtual machines together, your business can gain a great deal of flexibility in their app development, deployment, and management ventures.

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Software as a Service, Hybrid Cloud, Server-less Applications, Disaster Recovery as a Service… what's right for you?

Navigate the Sea of Choices.

What services or workloads should you migrate to the cloud? The options are seemingly endless.  Demystify your cloud confusion with Virtix IT’s assistance.

Public, Private, Hybrid and Automated.

Cloud computing isn’t a matter of “where”, you store and run your applications but rather, “how”.  Cloud computing is all about shifting where your IT personnel puts their focus and transitioning from rigid traditional infrastructure to a flexible, automated software focused computing paradigm.

Establish a culture that embraces change.

Break the, "can't" mentality that can plague many established businesses.   Virtix IT is your ally and we can help you evolve your business through a collaborative dialogue about what you can accomplish and how to get there.

Strategy is the Key.

It is very common to have projects or initiatives that are based on the newest wave in technology.  This makes future decision making more problematic and eventually leads to, “vendor lock”.  Our strategic approach provides our customers maximum flexibility and sets us apart from other cloud services vendors.

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