Flash Storage

Flash Storage

Companies know how quickly technology can evolve-- in the last few decades alone, we've seen Pittsburgh transform into a hub of medical and technological innovation that is unlike any other place in the world. That's why Pittsburgh businesses understand the importance of finding solutions today that will continue to fulfill their needs tomorrow.

All-flash enterprise arrays offer significant performance and efficiency gains over mechanical disk at a lower price point per gigabyte stored. We've aligned with innovators in all-flash storage-- their arrays are purpose-built for flash and are designed for a wide range of performance-intensive applications, including server virtualization, VDI, databases, real-time analytics, and cloud services.

Success factor and Business Requirement Analysis
Technology Assessments
TCO and Business Justification Strategy
Non-Vendor Biased Solutions Evaluation
IT Organizational Assessments
Security and Compliance Review
Process Management Analysis
Billing and Cost Insight (Chargeback/Show-back)
Business and Organizational Culture Shift


take the complexity out of adopting an all-flash, cloud-based SMart storage solution with Virtix.

Businesses have a lot of moving parts, and for a long time, so did legacy storage arrays. Traditional disk-based storage drives rely on lots of moving parts to work. It gets the job done, but it also creates potential for complications because moving parts generate lots of heat, require more power to operate, and may require maintenance when parts break under the normal wear and tear of motion. All-flash storage superior architecture doesn't rely on moving parts to work, which allows them to provide:

  • Effortless storage that just works

    • Always on, always fast, always secure

    • Self managing & Plug-n-Play

    • Cloud-connected management, analytics, support, and protection

  • Efficient storage that delivers more

    • Consolidate everything on 10x less

    • Zero compromise data services such as:

      • Data reduction

      • Encryption

      • QoS

      • Snapshots

      • Replication

      • Migration

  • Evergreen storage that improves over time

    • Buy once, upgrade forever

    • Harness rapid software and flash innovation

    • All-inclusive subscription model

Deploying and managing storage can be difficult, particularly when you're trying to maintain continuous access to systems, applications, and when you're busy supporting cloud-type initiatives such as automation, orchestration, and self-service.

These factors mean that switching to a flash-based data storage solution can save your business capital in several ways. Not only will your IT staff spend less time troubleshooting problems with broken parts, they can focus on core responsibilities.

Knowing that this new platform restores rapidly, saves money with cloud economics, and enables data reuse leads to an excellent user experience.

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“When I say we are Driven to Deliver the Best Solutions, we mean it. We strive to qualify the right solutions based on customer needs, every time. We are proud of what we have done but are also constantly driven to innovate. This is our promise and our pledge to all of our current and prospective clients.”

Leon M. Robinson – President

Get the best flash-based storage hardware in Pittsburgh when you partner with Virtix.

People in Pittsburgh know that finding the right tools is essential if you want to make sure a job gets done right. Flash Solid State Drives or SSDs are nonvolatile devices that use flash storage to store data. Virtix is your hometown connection to the best Flash SSD hardware in the world. Our consultants will help you use flash-based data storage solutions to support other essential IT tasks such as:
- Virtualization
- Virtual servers and desktops
- Real-time analytic software

Is Your Infrastructure Software Defined?

Focusing on a single technology without taking a look at the whole picture usually leads to an endless cycle of work.  The only way to break this cycle is to be strategic.

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Roberta Ericsson
Support future innovation with the speed and agility of flash storage.

Today, technology advances more rapidly than ever before. The “cutting edge” of technology is always shifting, and if your company’s data storage solution doesn’t have adaptability built in, it can be difficult to keep up. Flash storage is designed for innovation. It can be electronically erased and reprogrammed, which allows it to process workloads and provide responses exponentially faster than traditional data storage solutions.

Are your applications functioning as well and as fast as they should be? If you hesitate at all to respond “yes” to that question, your company may have hit what is known as the app-data gap. This means that your applications require data more quickly than it can be delivered, which results in significant disruptions. Flash storage provides the speed necessary to keep your applications functioning and your business moving, which prevents downtime and helps your company meet its goals.

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Software as a Service, Hybrid Cloud, Server-less Applications, Disaster Recovery as a Service… what's right for you?

Navigate the Sea of Choices.

What services or workloads should you migrate to the cloud? The options are seemingly endless.  Demystify your cloud confusion with Virtix IT’s assistance.

Public, Private, Hybrid and Automated.

Cloud computing isn’t a matter of “where”, you store and run your applications but rather, “how”.  Cloud computing is all about shifting where your IT personnel puts their focus and transitioning from rigid traditional infrastructure to a flexible, automated software focused computing paradigm.

Establish a culture that embraces change.

Break the, "can't" mentality that can plague many established businesses.   Virtix IT is your ally and we can help you evolve your business through a collaborative dialogue about what you can accomplish and how to get there.

Strategy is the Key.

It is very common to have projects or initiatives that are based on the newest wave in technology.  This makes future decision making more problematic and eventually leads to, “vendor lock”.  Our strategic approach provides our customers maximum flexibility and sets us apart from other cloud services vendors.

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