Any business owner who has been around Pittsburgh for a while knows that the city has changed a great deal in recent years. Once known only as a steel town, Pittsburgh has been growing into a hub of technology and innovation. The world of modern technology moves quickly-- it seems like every day new advances are being made, new products are being launched, and new things are being learned. The speed of technological advancement is great for your business, but it might not be so great for your legacy IT design. Safeguard your company’s IT strategy from falling behind the times-- or worse, failing-- by switching to a hyperconverged infrastructure supported by Virtx.

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Streamline your company’s IT with some of Pittsburgh’s leading hyperconvergence experts.

There are many benefits to adopting a hyperconverged infrastructure, but here is one of our favorites: making the switch is quick and easy, especially when you trust Virtix with your company’s IT needs. Virtix offers a variety of fully software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. That means your company won’t be tied to proprietary hardware, so Virtix can help you get started with your hyperconverged infrastructure right away. By combining x86-based server and storage solutions with some of the smartest software on the market, Virtix can provide your business with a hyperconverged infrastructure that:

- Streamlines deployment
- Makes managing a breeze
- Takes the hassle out of scaling resources
- Produces an agile datacenter
- Centralizes your IT by replacing your existing separate storage networks, servers, and arrays with a single hyperconverged solution

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“When I say we are Driven to Deliver the Best Solutions, we mean it. We strive to qualify the right solutions based on customer needs, every time. We are proud of what we have done but are also constantly driven to innovate. This is our promise and our pledge to all of our current and prospective clients.”

Leon M. Robinson – President

Take advantage of some of the biggest names in hyperconverged infrastructure software.

Managing your IT can be tricky, and it only gets trickier when you are managing a variety of products and services from a variety of companies. When you partner with Virtix, we can incorporate hyperconverged infrastructure deployment into your contract. You save time and money, and Virtix will help your company get set up with some of the biggest names in hyperconverged infrastructure software. Our IT experts are comfortable working with hyperconverged infrastructure software from brands like Nutanix, Cisco, and more, and we have the expertise needed to pinpoint the perfect hyperconverged infrastructure solution to meet your business’s unique needs.

Is Your Infrastructure Software Defined?

Focusing on a single technology without taking a look at the whole picture usually leads to an endless cycle of work.  The only way to break this cycle is to be strategic.

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Roberta Ericsson
Update to hyperconverged infrastructure and boost your company’s flexibility.

Sometimes things from bygone eras are cool: Pittsburgh is how to plenty of vinyl record shops and generations-old family restaurants. But when it comes to you company’s IT strategy, an outdated infrastructure can only hold you back. Products, services, and strategies that used to be the pinnacle of good IT strategy design have been surpassed by faster, more efficient, and more secure options. Failing to upgrade your old IT strategy drains your IT resources as you sink time, energy, and likely money into trying to keep it compatible with newer products you want to deploy. Don’t let your infrastructure bar your progress and add complexity to your IT-- ask your Viritx representative about switching to a hyperconverged infrastructure today.

Responsive projects
Overall webdesign projects
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Software as a Service, Hybrid Cloud, Server-less Applications, Disaster Recovery as a Service… what's right for you?

Navigate the Sea of Choices.

What services or workloads should you migrate to the cloud? The options are seemingly endless.  Demystify your cloud confusion with Virtix IT’s assistance.

Public, Private, Hybrid and Automated.

Cloud computing isn’t a matter of “where”, you store and run your applications but rather, “how”.  Cloud computing is all about shifting where your IT personnel puts their focus and transitioning from rigid traditional infrastructure to a flexible, automated software focused computing paradigm.

Establish a culture that embraces change.

Break the, "can't" mentality that can plague many established businesses.   Virtix IT is your ally and we can help you evolve your business through a collaborative dialogue about what you can accomplish and how to get there.

Strategy is the Key.

It is very common to have projects or initiatives that are based on the newest wave in technology.  This makes future decision making more problematic and eventually leads to, “vendor lock”.  Our strategic approach provides our customers maximum flexibility and sets us apart from other cloud services vendors.

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