Software Defined

Software Defined

Any business owner in Pittsburgh will tell you that running a company can be anything but simple. At Virtix, we are dedicated to using our knowledge and experience to simplify the complexity and make IT easier and more affordable for our customers. Implementing software-defined infrastructure can be a huge step towards achieving that goal for your company. Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is made up of several components-- software-defined compute (SDC), software-defined networking (SDN), and software-defined storage (SDS), etc.-- which work together to function as a fully software-defined data center. Depending on your company’s needs and goals, Virtix can implement any one of these services, a combination of them, or a full SDI.

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Take advantage of everything SDI has to offer.

Software-defined infrastructure is a great choice more many businesses because it offers a whole host of benefits. Virtix can set your company up with software-defined infrastructure that is fully automated. That means that an application deploys and controls the infrastructure, freeing your infrastructure of human error and freeing up IT resources for other projects. This model provides critical benefits such as:
- A fully virtualized data center allows for greater compute, networking, and storage flexibility, simplifying and standardizing IT consumption models
- Essential but repetitive IT tasks such as configuration, backups, and recovery can be automated
- SDI management dashboards are designed with the end user in mind, making them intuitive and easy-to-navigate interfaces for anyone
- The ability to automatically determine whether a workload should be placed in the private or public cloud to maintain data integrity and optimize efficiency

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“When I say we are Driven to Deliver the Best Solutions, we mean it. We strive to qualify the right solutions based on customer needs, every time. We are proud of what we have done but are also constantly driven to innovate. This is our promise and our pledge to all of our current and prospective clients.”

Leon M. Robinson – President

Fuel your business with the best (and most secure!) software-defined networking in Pittsburgh.

Managing your network can be tedious and time-consuming, which is why a software-defined networking solution is such an attractive option for many of Virtix’s customers. When you take advantage of software-defined networking powered by Virtix, we can help your company increase its mobility while navigating the complexity of a constantly shifting network perimeter. Advances such as cloud computing and IoT have done a great deal to increase productivity, but they have also introduced security vulnerabilities that no longer lie entirely within enterprise walls. Software-defined network solutions by Virtix work around the clock to guard your information using advanced threat detection and control techniques.

Is Your Infrastructure Software Defined?

Focusing on a single technology without taking a look at the whole picture usually leads to an endless cycle of work.  The only way to break this cycle is to be strategic.

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Roberta Ericsson
Empower your business to be more agile using software-defined storage.

If there were an easy way to simplify your company’s data storage solution and increase cost savings while doing so, would you do it? Software-defined storage by Virtix provides just that. Software-defined storage is an efficient and scalable approach to storage resource availability and provisioning that will optimize how your data center handles each and every workload it encounters. Our software-defined storage provides support for a number of popular environments, including:

- VMware    - vCenter    - Linux KVM    - Microsoft Hyper-V

Supporting these environments allows our software-defined storage solutions to generate a shared storage pool on on industry-standard servers independent of dedicated arrays. This ultimately allows Vitix to provide customers with a storage solution that drives IT costs down while fostering business growth.

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Software as a Service, Hybrid Cloud, Server-less Applications, Disaster Recovery as a Service… what's right for you?

Navigate the Sea of Choices.

What services or workloads should you migrate to the cloud? The options are seemingly endless.  Demystify your cloud confusion with Virtix IT’s assistance.

Public, Private, Hybrid and Automated.

Cloud computing isn’t a matter of “where”, you store and run your applications but rather, “how”.  Cloud computing is all about shifting where your IT personnel puts their focus and transitioning from rigid traditional infrastructure to a flexible, automated software focused computing paradigm.

Establish a culture that embraces change.

Break the, "can't" mentality that can plague many established businesses.   Virtix IT is your ally and we can help you evolve your business through a collaborative dialogue about what you can accomplish and how to get there.

Strategy is the Key.

It is very common to have projects or initiatives that are based on the newest wave in technology.  This makes future decision making more problematic and eventually leads to, “vendor lock”.  Our strategic approach provides our customers maximum flexibility and sets us apart from other cloud services vendors.

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